Zolux Chinchilla/Ferret/Rat Cage Blue 72 x 43 x 107 cm


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Product Description

Indoor Large loft 2 cage for rats, chinchillas, ferrets comes with a bowl and 3 shelves with access ramp. The cage has a removable bottom drawer which allows easy cleaning. The cage is equipped with wheels, 2 of which have brakes for safety) in order to ease of movement. Made in Europe. Non-toxic to animal: Epoxy Paint * * Lead Free Pigment Finishing AZO free pigment finishing and polypropylene copolymer plastic. * The epoxy paint is an oil painting used for its high resistance. * Type of plastic adpaté at any contact with food. Diameter of bar: 1.5 mm. Distance between rungs: 11 mm. Inner Dimensions: 685x385x925 mm. External measurements: 720x430x1070 mm.


  • Cage on wheels for chinchillas, ferrets and rats
  • Fitted with a bowl, 3 tier case with doorframe ramp, a pull out tray for easy cleaning. Understand many openings.
  • Distance between bars: 11 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 72 x 43 x107 cm
  • Internal dimensions: 68.5 x38.5 x 92.5 cm
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