Trixie Plastic Exercise Wheel, 33 cm


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Product Description

Trixie Plastic Exercise Wheel
The Trixie Plastic Exercise Wheel is a wheel that stimulates your rodent’s natural running behaviour. The back of the wheel is enclosed and the wheel contains a safety frame so that your pet will not fall out as quickly. Thanks to the sturdy surface, your rodent will have a good grip while running. You can place the exercise wheel on the floor or hang it on the cage. The exercise wheel is available in various sizes and colours.

Black, red or green. As this product is selected at random, you cannot choose your colour.

Dimensions of the Trixie Plastic Exercise Wheel

Diameter in cm
Suitable for

Mice and dwarf hamsters

Hamsters and degus

Hamsters and degus


  • Protects the spine due to ideal wheel size
  • Particularly smooth motion and quiet
  • Solid running surface with lateral reinforcements for better grip
  • Safety stand and closed rear wall prevent the animal from getting caught
  • Free-standing or hanging on the cage wall
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