Montana Cages Running Plate Large made of steel for Chinchillas & Degus


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Product Description

Running Plate large made of steel

Usual running plates are almost too small for large rodents such as chinchillas or degus. To avoid bent backs or broken legs, Wagner’s designed the large Running Plate made of metal. Silence, stability and fun are only a few of the great characteristics of Wagner’s Running Plates.

Whether you have a degu or a chinchilla, our Running Plate it’s designed to fit perfectly to bigger rodents.

The special designed profile gives a lot of safety to your animal while running on the plate. The strong material and the famous Avilon powder coating make this Running Plate a perfect toy for your animal. Even if your pet tries to nibbles off the Running Plate, we assure you that nothing will happen – the renowned Avilon powder coating is nontoxic.

Our Running Plates are available in the trend color brown.

Diameter 28 cm

Hight 16,5 cm

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