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Product Description


So that your feathered friends really feel good. With the accessory included in the scope of delivery, you save additional acquisition costs and may start directly with the aviculture.
NEW Model in solid design 18 killogram.

Information: Not suitable for budgies and canaries due to a too big lattice spacing. Inform yourself about the species-appropriate animal husbandry.
Information: Be sure that the lattice spacing is small enough for your bird.

Product advantages at a glance:

– spacious
– hammer blow silver-anthracite antique-look
– with practical sand drawer (may be removed to clean)
– floor grilles above the drawer (prevent an “escape” of the birds when removing the drawer)
– 2 grill openings
– 4 perches, totally flexible at the grill
– 4 detectable wheels for unproblematic movement
– big, splitted feeding station with perch (both as bowl and water dish usable)
– water dispenser

Technical data:

– total height: 157 centimeter (including roof)
– external dimensions cage: 130 x 52 x 52 centimeter (H/W/D)
– external dimensions roof: 64 x 66 centimeter (W/D)
– inside dimension cage: 128 x 49 x 49 centimeter (H/W/D)
– big lattice door: 19 x 26 centimeter (W/H)
– small lattice door: 11 x 17 centimeter (W/H)
– lattice strength: 2 mm
– weight: 18 killogram

Scope of delivery:

– birdcage
– drawer
– 4 food wheels
– 4 perch
– feeding station
– water dispenser
– assembly instruction


  • Bird Cage with inside dimension cage: 128 cm x 49 cm x 49 cm (H/W/D)
  • Spacious square Cage with practical sand drawer simple cleaning
  • Ground Grid above the sand removal drawer to prevent birds from escaping
  • Solid and robust design with 18 kg of weight
  • Bird cage with 4 perches that can be placed anywhere on the grid
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